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Event Details

Blackstrap brings you some hard driving bluegrass with catchy originals that give a nod to the roots.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Western swing and the enchanting resonance of Texas fiddle melodies with our distinguished ensemble. With a passion for preserving the musical tapestry of the American West, we harmoniously weave together the intricate notes of fiddles, guitars, and rhythm, transporting audiences to an era where tradition and innovation gracefully entwine. Our performances are a refined celebration of cultural heritage, meticulously crafted to evoke nostalgia while captivating modern sensibilities. Join us on an odyssey through the rhythmic landscapes of yesteryears, where every pluck of the strings and every bow stroke tells a story of Texas' musical legacy."

Venue Information

silver moon brewing
24 Northwest Greenwood Avenue
Bend, OR 97701

Organizer Information