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Event Details

Come down early and get dinner from their amazing menu. Craft Beer is on tap along with cider and great cocktails! Our Craft shows have been selling out consistently, so get your tickets ASAP.

Headliner: Bert Walpack

Bert Walpack is a comedian from New Jersey. He is a tall, gray haired, lanky, waspy, father of three who runs a dental practice during the day but keeps his smoldering comedy career alive at night. Now living in Eugene, Oregon he performs throughout the Pacific Northwest. He likes to tell jokes about what it is like to hold needles and drills in people's mouth. His merch table has in the past has consisted of but not limited to: customized excuse letters, CDs, denture adjustments and Richard Jeni themed toothbrushes. Bert has opened for Craig Gass, Toddn Barry and Steve Hofstetter. He has also performed in the Bricks and Bridges Comedy Festival, Portlandn Maine Comedy Festival and the DB Cooper Comedy Festival.

Featuring: Jasmine Rogers. Special Guest: Katy Ipock. Hosted by Courtney Stevens

$15 at Bendticket.com (or through Sam at the bar at Craft.) $20 at the door. 18+. Strong content expected. Craft Kitchen and Brewery is dedicated to providing entertainment that is free of racism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Venue Information

Craft Kitchen and Brewery
62988 Layton Avenue
Bend, OR 97701

Organizer Information

Craft Kitchen & Brewery

62988 Layton Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 668-1766

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