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Event Details

Sleeper Comedy @ The Capitol

Friday February 16, 2023

Location: The Capitol

Show Starts 7:30 PM


Eric Oren

Billy Brant

Jamaal Thomas

Sean Jordan

Hosted By: Cody Parr

Anyone can DO comedy, but not everyone can do it from a place of LOVE. Sleeper Comedy: promotes an environment where nothing is off topic, but you can expect the comedy to be handled with care & from artists who love the form.

The doors open at 6 pm, plenty of time to peruse the food drink menu & mingle. At 7 pm, the show commences, promising an array of fresh and talented performers hustling their way to the top of Bend’s Talented Comedians List curated by you.

If you are currently creating & sharing art in Bend, let us know! We will get you in for $5 at the door.

Capitol Comedy: is here to make THE VIBE. We advocate safe places for Neuro Divergents, LGBTQIA+, and anyone who doesn’t feel seen. Unmask With Us!!! (Actual Masks Are Welcome! Safety First!)

We are Comedians. Don’t hold us to time.

Venue Information

The Capitol
190 Northwest Oregon Avenue
Bend, OR 97703

Organizer Information


704 Northwest Georgia Avenue
Bend, OR 97703
+1 (706) 270-4213

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