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Event Details

The locals party continues with another night of dancing and mayhem...


Hillstomp sounds like a boom box blasting from a shopping cart. Two madmen have strapped an

engine to the cart and it’s too big and running too hot. They've got a banjo and a megaphone, a

washboard and a kick drum. They've stocked the cart with guitars, buckets, car parts, and microphones

and they are hurtling towards a blown out bridge while the bad front wheel flaps manically. The fools

think they can jump the bridge and land safely on the other side. They are very wrong but no one has

told them because...well, they just seem so happy. And there you are, bouncing alongside them and

deep down you hope they make it. God damn if it isn’t beautiful.


The new record, titled Applecore, very much feels like an end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one for The Weather Machine. After years of DIY album production, this was the first record we made in a proper studio with a proper producer (thank you so much to Mr. Tucker Martine). Additionally, it’s the first album that we feel really exemplifies what the band has grown into over the last decade. It truely captures the lightning in a bottle that until now was only ever accessible at our live concerts. There is so much I wanted to say lyrically and get off my chest musically, and this album really does achieve exactly that. It feels like this record was 10 years in the making, and in many ways, it literally was. They are so excited to share it with you!

Venue Information

The Belfry
302 East Main Avenue
Sisters, OR 97759

Organizer Information