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Humbird’s latest full-length sophomore album, ’Still Life' is born of the time when the days melted into weeks during the coronavirus pandemic.

'Still Life' is about a house. Where each song symbolizes a different room where ordinary things happen – where the quiet moments of our lives unfold.

'Still Life' is also about what happens outside of a house. It weaves through the rippling events that took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2020 – a chronicle of a city reckoning with anger, grief, and white supremacy while the whole world watched.

'Still Life' is also an accident. A collection of songs that exist together to reflect a particular moment and a specific place.

It is about survival and kitchen utensils, broken hearts, and taco trucks. It’s about a pink bicycle strewn on the sidewalk. It is a letter to the future. Inside this record, Humbird wants you to smell the lilacs in the front yard and the tear gas in the streets. Humbird wants you to hear how hope is actually a verb.

More tangibly, singer-songwriter, Siri Undlin wrote 'Still Life' in her yellow bedroom during a time of isolation and strangely distant togetherness. And then she walked across the hallway to producer Adelyn Strei’s yellow bedroom, where the two artists endeavored to record and produce the songs in a way that weaves our internal and external experiences into a ten-song soundscape.

Mama's Broke is a powerful duo that deliver a compelling performance with heart and raw energy.  Although highly influenced by their Canadian roots, Lisa and Amy are based out of nowhere and everywhere.

Their two strong voices blend to create haunting harmonies, while they artfully juggle fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin, and incorporate traditional dance and foot percussion into their performance.  Their original -and often dark- compositions push the boundaries of tradition and the constraints of genre.  Drawing from old-time, Quebecois, blues, punk, celtic, balkand and doom metal, they create a soundscape that is both familiar and new.

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Silver Moon Brewing
24 Northwest Greenwood Avenue
Bend, OR 97701

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