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Eclectic is the only way to describe Stevie's music. And catchy! Over a long musical arc from 70s punk rock through early americana, jazz, film music, electronica, retro country western, rockabilly he has always been restlessly devouring styles, turning them inside out to see what makes them tick.

After a long hiatus from music, raising a family and teaching kids guitar, Stevie released his first solo album in 2022 to enthusiastic praise from the left side of the dial.

His latest album is his second full length record and it's another wild ride through all of the musical attics and thrift stores he's been sifting through for the past 40 years. Not only does the album swerve through genres like a champion slalom racer, but each SONG is likely to have a thousand echos of past sonic journeys. He ties everything together with his masterful use of melody and hooks, both musical and lyrical. 

As a performer, Stevie delivers his tunes with a sweet and scratchy baritone that suggests a world weariness that never quite gives up hope in humanity. 

He has the warm, engaging stage persona of someone who has spent a lifetime in front of people, but he's not afraid to let loose like the 70s punk he once was when the music calls for it.

His guitar playing is superb, but you wouldn't know it unless you tried to recreate his guitar parts. He has managed to distill all of his complicated studio arrangements down to six strings and eight fingers, a thumb or two, somehow recreating an entire band with just a guitar and no effects. 

He is touring this spring and summer up and down the west coast, playing his new record and anything else that pops into his head. 

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silver moon brewing
24 Northwest Greenwood Avenue
Bend, OR 97701

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