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Event Details

There’s nothing quite like the bond between mother & daughter… or the throes & woes of a preteen's mental & emotional angst! This workshop is a fun blend of yoga, journaling, meditation, scent, candle-making & community discussion into a dynamic self care session. Yoga has been popularized by only one element of the practice-- the physical asanas. A true yoga practice includes strengthening the awareness of connection between: Self, Others & The World Around You.  The solar plexus chakra– confidence, self-motivation & purpose– will be the guidepost of the personal intentions set and the physical movements we do in community. 

A full moon symbolizes the completion of a cycle, the closing and coming together of another phase of life & energy. This September moon will be in Aries, a harvest moon immediately following the autumnal equinox. With that in mind, this gathering  seeks to honor the closing of the growth part of the year, and prepare for the passage into the more static winter season. In the fiery sign of Aries, this moon also has us reflecting on our personal power. A girl’s self-confidence and connection to feminine wisdom is key to her successful transition into womanhood. It is my intention for this workshop to provide a space for mothers’ and daughters’ to see each other in their individual personal power, in addition to admiring the relationship between them. 

Candles are made from recycled wine bottles & all natural soy wax; burn time is 60 hours.

Doors open @ 4:30pm

Program Starts @ 4:45pm

Venue Information

Hanai Center
62430 Eagle Road
Bend, OR 97701

Organizer Information

Kaija @ AYP

Bend, OR 97702
+1 (310) 650-3926

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