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Event Details

Back by popular demand, Bend's favorite scavenger hunt!

Welcome to Bend's Photo Scavenger Hunt by The Ultimate Scavenger.

Game details:

  • Participants will be sent a link in their email that contains 10 photos of random locations in Bend.
  • The locations might be murals, sculptures, local shops, nature and more!
  • Participants will attempt to find these destinations and take a selfie with each to 'prove' they were there.
  • The first person that finds ALL 10 locations receives a $100 CASH PRIZE. After we have a winner, you can still play for fun and the chance to win other prizes!
  • Want to compete? Register for next month's hunt before the end of this month.


Email ultimatescavenger@yahoo.com for more details.


How well do you know Bend?


Find out and take some great pics while you're at it!


The link with pictures will be sent within 24 hours of registration.

Venue Information

This event takes place online.

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